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While avoiding the technical aspects of glassblowing as much as possible, this is what sets us apart from others in our field:

Techniques used to create glass sculpture using a blowtorch involve rapid heating and cooling.  It is particularly the rapid and uneven cooling that induces significant stress levels in the glass that create cracks and breakage.  Each type of glass has a unique temperature range in which it may be fired in a kiln.  This process is called “annealing” and eliminates excessive stress in the glass.

As you may have experienced, not all glass is created equal!!  Not all hand-blown glass has gone through this process and the result is sometimes seen as cracks and breaks, possibly occurring even years later.  To further complicate things, the annealing process, we found, is understood “differently” by various glass artists.

At GlassDharma, we adhere to a formula for annealing our glass art with specifications and guidelines provided by Corning, Inc., (the makers of Pyrex®).  I have spent hours on the phone with their technical support staff to ensure that I understood this process thoroughly. This understanding allows us to create works of art with the highest level of durability possible and insures consistency with everything we make. We anneal everything we make under computer controlled conditions.

Keep in mind how strong and durable your glass coffeepot or pie plate is.  It is made from exactly the same type of glass (borosilicate) that we use in every piece we make!  You will be impressed with the “forgiveness” our creations demonstrate when they encounter another object.

Another factor that will affect the strength of a glass object is the fusing technique used by the glass artist.  Fusing is the joining of one piece of glass to another (i.e. adding a “Decorative Dot” on a drinking straw).  Quality fusing occurs when BOTH pieces of glass are heated to a high enough temperature when joined.  If this is not done, (i.e. one or both pieces are NOT hot enough) the result is an inferior joint and subject to break much more easily than when fused properly.

We take great pride in the workmanship of every piece we make.  We use exclusively borosilicate glass (Simax®).  Occasionally a crack may occur unnoticed before the annealing process takes place.  This would significantly weaken the glass.  We guarantee all of our work against such rare defects.  It is also because these defects are sometimes difficult to detect that we guarantee against ANY breakage.  This gives you the benefit of the doubt!

Our goal is to make dealing with GlassDharma a risk free endeavor for you.  Our Satisfaction Guarantee along with our Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage …
You have nothing to loose ! … and everything to gain.  This is my personal commitment to you.

David Leonhardt, owner