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You've found our New Stuff page (formerly know as our underground page). This is where we have items that are available for retail sales only.

We are now introducing our new line of “Inspirational” straws. Each straw has an inspirational word beautifully etched on the side. A reminder, a declaration, an intention or whatever has meaning for you. For some, the work of the late Masaru Emoto, would give reason to inspire your drinks! He believed that words and intention could effect the molecular structure of water as mentioned in his book Messages from Water, and featured in the movie, What The Bleep Do We Know? We have 8 different words in stock: Peace, Joy, Love, Blessings, Family, Hope, Chocolate, and Happiness.

Glass Dharma
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9.5mm x 6¼" - $8.00
add to cart Joy sku-se95joy9
9.5mm x 6¼" - $8.00
add to cart Hope sku-se95hope9
9.5mm x 6¼" - $8.00
add to cart Chocolate sku-se95chocolate9
9.5mm x 6¼" - $8.00
add to cart Peace sku-se95peace9
9.5mm x 6¼" - $8.00
add to cart Family sku-se95family9
9.5mm x 6¼" - $8.00
add to cart Happiness sku-se95happiness9
9.5mm x 6¼" - $8.00
add to cart Blessings sku-se95blessings9
9.5mm x 6¼" - $8.00




Not all etching is created equal! Our Inspirational straws are professionally etched with a 2 step process. We found that just laser etching a straw does not create the clearly visible finish that we desired. In addition to the laser etching, each straw is then sandblasted so that the words really pop!  

Our Inspirational line comes etched on our all-around most versatile straw: the Simple Elegance Ice Tea 9.5mm x 9”. Of course, should you want a different size of straw – or different verbiage – we can do that for you. Special order fees would apply.

If you are interested in custom etched straws you can save the $10 setup fee with a minimum order 50 straws (all the same size and with the same verbiage),
Discounts are available on the straws themselves if a 50+ straw order is placed – these are great for green weddings, business logos etc.  In addition to the cost of the straw, etching/sandblasting is $3 each.

The Inspirational straws are covered by our fabulous lifetime guarantee against breakage however custom orders guarantee only the straw itself (without etching) unless additional fees are paid.